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Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver cakes in Split?
Oš Kolač currently only offers delivery for wedding cakes.
Do you bake cakes and pastries for baptisms and confirmations?
For baptisms and confirmations, you can order cakes and pastries from the pastry shop, and we use cake toppers as decorations.
Do you make cakes or pastries with fondant icing?
Oš Kolač pastry shop does not use fondant icing in the preparation of cakes and pastries.
Can you write custom messages on the cake?
Due to the reasons mentioned above, all Oš Kolač cakes and pastries have their own decorations, so it is not possible to write messages on cakes and pastries.
Do you use ready-made creams and mixes for making pastries?
In Oš Kolač pastry shop, we make all cake and pastry creams by hand from organically sourced ingredients, which means we do not use any ready-made mixes and powders.
I have celiac disease, so I'm wondering if I can consume your products?
In Oš Kolač pastry shop, we have gluten-free products, but we are not certified for gluten-free production. This means that in the production of other cakes and pastries, we use wheat flour and nuts, so there is a possibility that these ingredients may be present in traces.
How long can I keep cakes/pastries in the refrigerator?
Cakes and pastries from Oš Kolač pastry shop should be kept at a controlled temperature in the refrigerator (4°C) and consumed within three days. Cookies are best kept in an airtight container and consumed within 7 days, although we doubt you'll resist them for that long.
Do you share recipes for cakes or pastries?
The recipes for cakes and pastries that are available in the current offer of Oš Kolač pastry shop are the property of the company and as such are not for sharing. However, Tea Mamut has over 70 recipes for cakes and pastries on her Facebook and YouTube profiles, among which you will surely find a cake or pastry you like.

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