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Welcome to the story of one of the most renowned patisseries in Croatia. Let's embark on a journey through the beginnings, passions, and the person behind the creation of this sweet corner. Discover how it all started and what makes this patisserie so special.

Oš kolač

Oš kolač patisserie opened in spring 2017 as the first 'artisan' patisserie in Split. The brand owner, Tea Mamut, after studying in New York at the prestigious culinary institute 'The Culinary Institute of America' and working in the world's best restaurants, decided to return to her hometown of Split and pursue her dream.

With interesting local names, a focus on ingredient quality, handmade sweets, and attention to detail in both the interior and the products themselves, it has been delighting domestic and foreign guests for years. In addition to cakes made for everyday sale, Oš kolač has established itself as a patisserie with high-quality custom cakes and small cookies for various occasions.


Tea Mamut


Tea Mamut, the first Croatian pastry chef with a degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York, turned her passion for pastries into a profession. Inspired by tradition yet open to new ideas, Tea combines familiar childhood flavors with modern ingredients, creating unique treats that win the hearts of both local and foreign guests.

Through her work, Tea has not only created a pastry shop but has also become a symbol of creativity and expertise in the world of sweets. Her influence extends beyond the borders of Split, and pastries from Oš kolač have become synonymous with sophistication and exceptional taste.

» My hobby has become my profession and I admit that I really live and breathe what I do. «



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